New Powerlifting Coach And Sneak Peek At The World Of CrossFit

I was so tense yesterday I (yet again) couldn’t sleep well. Gathering my mental ninja coolness, I tied my shoelaces with shaking hands. With my asthma acting up, I’d topped myself with maximal amounts of beta-agonist inhalers and mostly resembled a wino with extremely bad withdrawal symptoms after one month binge. Luckily the traffic was light, and I managed to get myself to CrossFit Herttoniemi’s box on time and – most importantly – without wrecking my fiance’s car in the process.

The reason for my nervousness? I was about to meet my new powerlifting coach, Anni Vuohijoki, for the first time. Anni is one of Finland’s top tier female lifters in both powerlifting and weightlifting, and just recently squatted silver at Salo 2015 World Championships. Please do check out her website as she’s also blogged in English:  ❤


Anni at Ghetto Snatch in Crossfit Herttoniemi – photo from their facebook page

A million thoughts ran in my head as I sat in the dimly lighted stairway waiting for Anni. What if she thinks I’m a total failure and waste of her precious time? Sees my lifting technique – or more precisely the lack of it – irrevocably uncorrectable and laughs at my measly weights? When it comes to powerlifting, my lack of experience and trust in my skills has been Mariana Trench -low.

I needn’t have worried :). Anni and her gang instantly made me feel like a part of the group. Maybe I was the ugly duckling, but I sure wasn’t pecked at at any point. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and people chatted to me, a complete stranger, like I’d been lifting and hanging out with them for months, not minutes. At least in Herttoniemi, CrossFit’s reputation as a sport with amazing team spirit and camaraderie was easily proven true.

And if that wasn’t enough, I was completely sold over when we got some “decent” music to train to 😀 :

In between crazy laughs, braiding our hair (!) and admiring some badass power cleans by my fellow lifters, Anni polished my lifting technique and managed to totally destroy my quads in the process. I did both low and high bar squats, total being only 6 sets after warm ups but even that was enough for me that time. Going ass to the grass, trying to feel my quivering, worthless-piece-of-flabby-meat leg muscles working was like, work, dude! I’ve had trouble tilting my hips anteriorly enough when coming up from the bottom, but now I’m starting to get the hang of it – yay me!

When my legs were again taking commands I wobbled on to the bench. With Anni’s guidance I practiced activating my lats correctly to really get my scapulae nicely down and tight. After four sets we quickly looked at my deadlifts and good mornings as I needed to head back home to start my evening on call -duty. I was told I have nearly perfect transmission relationships for deadlift and there was actually nothing to be corrected about my conventional technique! Wow. Let’s see when I start doing sumo…

After the positives, it’s time for the usual AI rant. Why the heck is it so hard to get my dosing right? I thought I’d taken enough hydrocortisone as I topped my regular dose with 10 mg an hour before and another 10 mg right before training. It seems both my sleep issues and the quite hot, heavy and moist weather really wore me down. I had to take extra 10 mg under my tongue twice during the 1,5 hour workout as I was close to passing out every time I stood up, my heart was beating maniacally even with 5 minute rest periods and the nasty dwarves had returned with vengence to hammer at my skull.

Fortunately the extra HC dosing saved me from making a total fool of myself by fainting and possibly (yet again) vomiting all over myself.

All in all, I had a blast at CrossFit Herttoniemi. And maybe, just maybe, I might find myself at an On Ramp -course sooner than I ever expected…

We trained here:

Weightlifting side of CrossFit Herttoniemi – photo from their facebook page

I got so many good pointers in less than two hours I can’t wait to get back to the gym and hit the bar again! We’ll see if I’m as enthusiastic about the prospect after tomorrow’s fight fest at Utti… I’m really looking forward to train again with Anni, hopefully soon as we both appear to be gals whose calendars fill up sooo quickly.

Have a very nice weekend, and good moods and workouts for everyone! ❤




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