When Rest Becomes A Curse… Confessions Of A (Badly) Recovering Trainaholic

Yet again I’ve been forced to alter my training plans for this week. I’ve been super-duper pee-in-my-pants excited about my new four week powerlifting program. Now I’ve already had to postpone starting it twice, and am lagging behind schedule… First I had this annoying fever thing again for one week total, then I messed up my hydrocortisone replacement dose by lowering it too fast and spent the next week recovering from post-fever adrenal insufficiency -hangover.

Just when I thought I had things covered and had a great last week workout-wise, I had mild fever again yesterday. On top of that, my sleep rhythm is seriously messed up so I slept the entire afternoon in NSAID drug-induced coma. After waking up I suffered from mild nausea and vertigo the whole evening. No gym time for me, again. Luckily today I’ve been feeling a lot better and will do some chin ups and back training later this evening – fingers crossed!

I’ve been sleeping badly recently – for many reasons. Sleep issues are something I’ll be writing about in depth later on. Before my AI (as in adrenal insufficiency) diagnosis, I was the best sleeper ever. Not anymore, sadly. I can manage to fall asleep, but will wake up during the early morning hours. It’s not helping that I’m on call for three nights this week, and for some reason even when I’m at home answering the consultation phone I can’t seem to relax.

Other contributors for my missing sleep are probably anxiousness regarding my becoming road trip – more on this later in post, usual work stress, even this blog… I do love to write and it feels great to be able to share my life with hopefully avid readers, but with my perfectionist streak I can never seem to be fully satisfied with my posts, the appearance of the blog, pictures or lack of them, blah blah. So I run these things in my head all night.

On Monday I trained with my friend Jesse at Tapiola Sport Park’s gym. I’d promised to conjure a fast n’ easy but effective novice training program for him, so we did:

  1. Lat pulldowns 3 x 10-12
  2. Bench 3 x 10-12
  3. Leg press 3 x 10-12
  4. Shoulder press 3 x 10-12
  5. Leg raises 3 x  max
  6. Back extension 3 x max

If he’s pressed for time and wants to keep his heart rate up to make the workout more metabolically challenging, he’s able to super-set the exercises in either 1 & 2, 3 & 4 etc or do it end-to-end as a circuit.

I’m in no way a qualified strength coach – medical studies in Finland don’t exactly cover lifestyle medicine. But teaching others and helping people adopt healthier lifestyle choices and feeling better, even getting off some blood pressure and cholesterol meds, has always been close to my heart. One of my teenage dream jobs was a fitness instructor / personal trainer. But I also wanted to be an astronaut, a jet fighter pilot and a writer, so… Sufficient to say, a girl must make choices – even with my extraordinary talents and multitasking abilities I’m not omnipotent – quite ;).

I managed to squeeze in my squats and bench, both 3 x 10, after training Jesse. When looking at how worn out and out of breath I felt between the sets, I should’ve guessed something was amiss but hey, I’m not clairvoyant. Unfortunately. And with my fabulously weird body, even if I’d rested on Mon I still could’ve gotten sick. It’s hard anyways to tell if I’m having another of my recurrent fever episodes due to infection, my asthma, AI, or simply as an aftereffect of weight training.

Here’s hoping I can get a decent workout or two in before this weekend’s road trip to traditional Utti Summer Camp. We’ll be training Krav Maga under Israeli instructors as well as the local beloved, sadistic instructors-from-hell at Utti military base in Kouvola. Will keep you peeps posted during the trip!


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